K&N – 2009 Honda Fit Owners get an Extra 5HP

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The 2009 Honda Fit was completely redesigned for 2009. It is a bit longer and wider than the 2008 model and has added interior space, sharper handling, enhanced seating functionality, and a more powerful engine.

K&N has designed a performance air intake system (69-1017TTK) in black for the 2009 Honda Fit with a 1.5 liter engine that is guaranteed to increase power.  K&N dynamometer tests show the 1.8 liter engine gained 4.53 horsepower at 6000 RPMs with this air intake kit.

The 69-1017TTK has lower restriction than the factory air box system. It draws air through a high flow washable and reusable chrome top K&N air filter (RC-9630) which is protected by a powder coated heat shield.

The heat shield directs incoming fresh air from the factory air inlet into the air filter and isolates the K&N air filter from the engine compartment for better performance. The heat shield assembly is installed into the engine bay using factory mounting points and attaches to the intake tube.

The 69-1017TTK integrates the mount from the vehicle’s mass air sensor. Remove the mass air sensor from your vehicle’s stock air box and install it into K&N’s less restrictive mandrel bent aluminum tube using the provided K&N hardware.

All the OE emissions devices are reused and the MAS placed in a location that works with the factory settings. The provided crankcase vent hose attaches to the aluminum intake tube. The 69-1017TTK can be easily installed in 90 minutes or less and is backed by the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty.

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