HKS – Complete Fuel System Upgrade Evo X!

14007-AM006_HKS Complete Fuel Upgrade Kit

14007-AM006_HKS Complete Fuel Upgrade Kit

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HKS Complete Fuel Upgrade Kit for the MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION X includes large capacity 800cc injectors, fuel pump and fuel delivery kit.


  • Provides enough fuel volume for HKS turbo upgrades up to 500ps.
  • Dual spray pattern injectors. The tapered shape of the injector ports enable consistent fuel mixtures. Injector spray pattern direction is adjusted to target the intake valves improving the response of the A/F ratio because of reduced fuel volume on the port surface.

Fuel Pump

  • Same dimensions as stock fuel pump enabling higher fuel volume.
  • With stock pump case, fuel baffle mechanism can be used.
  • Higher fuel volume and stability at higher fuel pressure.

Kit Parts

  • Injectors (800cc) x 4
  • Injector O-Ring x 4
  • Fuel Delivery Kit

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