Injen – 2010 Camaro Owners get MR Power – Part # PF7010P & PF7010WB



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Superior and unparalleled technology is what goes into the all new PF7010P & PF7010WB.  Equipped with Injen’s very own MR step-down process and Air Fusion, the Camaro 3.6L will deliver powerful gains of up to 16HP and 16ft/lbs of torque.  In addition, Injen now uses a surface loading, nano-fiber webbing in all its filters, the same one used in the US Army Abrams M1 tank.  The Ea nano-fiber dry filter removes five times more dust then the traditional (paper) filter media and 50 times for must then the oiled cotton gauze filter.  Trust the company with the only multi-patented tuning process.  Trust Injen Technology.

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