Digital Torque Wrench! Strength, meet precision

Digital Wrench

Digital Wrench

JUST ADDED – Digital Torque Wrench

Strength, meet precision –

The only wrench engineered for the seasoned professional —
but priced for the weekend mechanic


Patented Technology

  • Double Gear Sensing System
  • Designed, engineered, and tested by Brown Line Metal Works, the patented* D.G.S.S. technology ensures repeatable accuracy of +/- 3.5% both clockwise & counter-clockwise
    *Patent No.: US 7,367,250. Additional patents pending
  • Accurate from 20 – 100% of full scale (7% accuracy from 10 – 20% of full scale)

Microprocessor Controlled

  • 8-bit electronics ensures accurate readings and simplicity of use
  • Allows for both Peak and Track mode
  • Individually calibrates each wrench
  • Supplies unique serial number for each wrench

Ratchet Head

  • 1/2″ drive reversible ratchet
  • 32-tooth gear provides an 11.25º arc while handling high torque loads
  • Forged from Chromium Vanadium alloy to ensure strength
  • Conforms to ASME B107.10 2005 standards


  • 15 – 150 ft/lbs
  • 180 – 1,800 in/lbs
  • 20.3 – 203 Nm

Digital Control

  • Large backlit digital display shows both target torque and current read-out
  • Intuitive button design makes operating torque wrench simple
  • LEDs and digital display provide visual feedback when operating wrench
  • Buzzer creates audible feedback when target torque is reached
  • Easily switch between ft/lbs, in/lbs, and Nm
  • Automatically powers off when not in use for 2 minutes
  • Low battery indicator


  • Soft-touch overmold provides comfortable non-slip grip
  • Engineered plastics ensure an impact resistant housing

Please call – 800-208-6569 – or email – – to place order.

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