K&N – 2009-10 Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi Gets More Oomph!



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K&N released an air intake with a  polished aluminum tube for the 2009-2010 Dodge Ram 1500 V8 5.7L. This intake, part 77-1561KP, has shown a 10.3 horsepower increase @ 4382 RPM when tested on K&N’s dynamometer.  This easy performance add-on comes with K&N’s million mile limited warranty.

The appearance of the polished aluminum tube, which is adapted with a 90 degree elbow, will dress up your engine so it is ready for show. This intake includes a heat shield that surrounds the high flow cone shaped air filter for protection against engine heat.

K&N air intakes provide outstanding engine protection and can go up to 50,000 miles before the oversized air filter needs to be serviced. With this simple addition you will get a show truck look with power you can feel. K&N air intakes can typically be installed in 90 minutes or less. Complete installation instructions are available on KNFilters.com.

Buy Online @ JdmUltimate

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