GReddy – GReddy Simulator iPhone App



Try out four awesome GReddy performance products that look, feel and sound just like the real thing! Mount your phone in your car to see the boost gauges respond to your driving with amazing realism and hear the GReddy Type-RZ blow off valve as you shift.

Now with just your iPhone you can experience what its like to transform your car into a high performance race-tuned track car! Using the accelerometers in your phone, the app can accurately calculate your throttle position and simulates how your engine is boosting.

Plug your iPhone into your car stereo and trick everyone you drive past into thinking you have a high-powered GReddy-tuned ride!

All the gauge and electronic products look photo-real, and are as close as possible to being their exact real size on your iPhone screen.

GReddy Electronic Boost Gauges and SMI gauges.

  • Needle works with super realistic animation as you boost
  • Change colours between the real life black and white options
  • Switch to night mode to see them light up just like the real ones do

Profec B-Spec II Boost Controller

  • Functions amazingly like the real thing
  • Digital display shows your boost in realtime
  • Choose LO or HI boost settings
  • Set your boost level
  • Change your display units
  • Switch between colors and night/day.

Type-RZ Blow Off Valve

  • Sound recorded specifically for the GReddy App
  • Grab the spanner and tighten/loosen the BOV to adjust the sound!
  • Watch the BOV from inside the engine bay as you boost


  • Listen to the turbo spool up as you drive
  • If your car is already turbo, you can mute the induction sound and just have the BOV

When not in your car GReddy for iPhone has a mode that lets you hold your phone in your hand and press the accelerator.

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