Injen – Performance Jewelry For Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesels!



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Experience Power-on-Demand from an engineered masterpiece with the all new PF8075. Running late? Need to be somewhere in a short time? ow does 20 hp and 52 ft/lbs of torque grab you? Injen Technology delivers power when you need it the most. In addition, the new Super-flow, web nano-fiber dry filter protects your engine from harsh and dirty environments while increasing mileage by up to 15%.

Key Features:

  • Show Quality Cast Aluminum Air Intake – each sand cast intake is specifically tuned and designed to reduce air turbulence.
  • Super-Flow Web Nano-Fiber Dry Filter – high flowing filter. The nano-fiber webbing catches contaminants on the surface and accelerates air flow.
  • Functional Composite Air Box w/ Aluminum Skin Plate
  • Injection Molded Air Intake Plenum
  • Massive Built-In 5 1/2″ Velocity Stack
  • Stainless Steel Pre-Filter Screen – deflects large debris outside the box for added filter protection.

Buy Online @ JdmUltimate

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  1. Plano apartments Says:

    Excellent features!!

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