Eibach – 2010 Chevy Camaro Multi Pro Coilovers



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For the ultimate in tunable suspension performance, Eibach has developed MULTI-PRO-R2 coil-overs, specially tuned spring/damper units that allow you to extract the last ounce of cornering power from your new 2010 Camaro. The Coil-Over design lets you precisely tune the corner weights for optimum handling balance, and the wide range of the damping adjustability lets you tune for comfort, ultimate grip, or anything in between. These suspension kits are perfect for club racing or drivers who demand the high performance handling and optimal ride quality for which Eibach is famous.

MULTI-PRO-R2 #38144.713

  • Independently Adjustable Rebound and Compression Damping with Remote Reservoir
  • Easy Ride-Height/Corner Weight Adjustability Lowering 0.80” – 2.5”
  • Monotube Design w/46mm pistons for Maximum Street and Track Performance
  • Spring Rates can be Tuned with a Wide Range of Eibach Motorsport ERS Springs (available separately)
  • Precise Spherical Upper Bushing Mount
  • Stainless-Steel/Teflon Braided Reservoir Lines
  • Legendary Eibach Suspension Quality and Tuning
  • 100% Designed and Built at Eibach U.S.A

Buy Online @ JdmUltimate


2 Responses to “Eibach – 2010 Chevy Camaro Multi Pro Coilovers”

  1. JDM Parts Says:

    Can anyone use it with second hand car??

  2. Plano apartments Says:

    Where is these coilovers used in a car?

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