AEM Press Release: AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge Price Reduction

AEM-UEGO-Analog E85 Wideband

AEM-UEGO-Analog E85 Wideband

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AEM has just announced a Price Drop on all their UEGO Wideband Gauges!  Weather you’re running Gasoline or E85, whether you want an Analog Gauge or Digital UEGO Gauge, AEM has slashed prices.  Viva la UEGO!

The effected part #s include:

  • 30-5130B – Analog UEGO Wideband (black)
  • 30-5130W – Analog UEGO Wideband (white)
  • 30-5143B – Analog E85 Wideband (black)
  • 30-5143W – Analog E85 Wideband (white)
  • 30-4100 – Digital 6-in-1 UEGO Wideband

AEM UEGO 30-4100

AEM UEGO 30-4100

New pricing comes in at a super low $277.50MSRP / $222.00 Jobber / $199.80 MAP.

Buy Online @ JdmUltimate

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