Koyo New Release – New Universal Engine Oil Coolers (EOCs)



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Koyo is proud to announce the universal Engine Oil Cooler (EOC) after a collaborative effort with the Japan, Singapore and US offices.   For many years in Japan, Koyo custom oil coolers have proven their effectiveness during competition in D1 Gran Prix and D1 Street Legal on our sponsored vehicles.  These purpose-built drift cars are subject to indirect and inconsistent flow of air, occasional contact between vehicles, and high oil pressures, therefore they require superior build quality and high heat transfer efficiency from the radiators and EOCs.  The Koyo Universal EOC is extremely well built, beautifuly polished, highly efficient, and tough in order to be resilient to flying road debris.  We spent several months consulting with industry experts to determine an acceptable core size, proper fittings, and best mounting options before introducing this to the US market.

Each Koyo All Aluminum EOC is assembled and TIG welded by hand in our privately owned ISO-9001 compliant factory in Indonesia.  You can expect the same level of precision and attention to detail as with our all aluminum racing radiators, since they are all made within our Koyo factoryKoyo EOCs feature our N-FLO (Dual Pass) Technology to ensure the highest efficiency, within the tightest of engine confines.  Unlike some oil coolers on the market, Koyo EOCs incorporate -10 AN fittings for the inlet and outlet, therefore allowing users the option of stepping down to control oil flow according to their needs, eliminating the use of metric-to-AN adapter fittings.  These carefully designed female AN fittings will properly accept both -10 AN type O-rings and crush washers for the best seal possible.  When you’ve invested so much into you engine, and function and quality is paramount, choose our all-new Koyo Universal EOC and use it in combination with a Koyo Racing Radiator for the best cooling system on the market.


  • Advanced Extruded Tube and Fin design
  • N-FLO (Dual Pass) Technology
  • 2 x AN-10 Fittings (Accepts -10 AN O-rings/crush washers)
  • High luster polished finish
  • Red/Blue Koyorad Logo

Oil Cooler Core Dimensions

  • L: 500mm
  • H: 103mm
  • W:  50mm

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